Boost your Sales with a Responsive online Theme

Of the many e-Commerce template themes out there, Shopify is well known for having some of the best ones.

With the continuous rise of online shoppers, and also the changing shopping trends of online consumers, it has become of paramount importance for online store owners to operate on e-Commerce templates and themes that are responsive to hand held devices.

Over 50% of e-Commerce sales are being accounted for by mobile traffic. Switching to a responsive theme or template has never been more important for an online store, and Shopify has seen to it that you can do just that. Offering striking responsive themes, Shopify enables your store to not only give a look fresh but to see a rise in sales as well.

Here we explore some of these themes

1. Retina

Retina Shopify theme has some remarkable features that include

  • Supporting high resolution images
  • A responsive lay out for wide screen and hand held device like smart phones and tablets
  • Dedicated side bars
  • Product videos

For a store owner looking to add a refined feel to his online store, Retina theme would be a perfect fit.

2. Blockshop

Whether you have an established business, a start-up boutique or an artisan outfit, Blockshop is a unique premium Shopify theme that would fit well with your store type. Its constituent features include

  • Being responsive and Retina ready
  • A flat UI design
  • Spacious customizable layouts
  • A minimal user interface that ensures trends with simplicity and style

3. Showcase

This theme is the perfect match for start-up boutiques as well as artisans and craftsmen outfits. The beauty of showcase is that, as the name suggests, it allows you to display your items full screen for consumers to examine product details. Its features include

  • Overlayed multi-level menus
  • Full-screen product galleries
  • Retina ready graphics

Showcase presents a whole new way of showcasing your products, and the settings are very customizable.

4. Supply

This is a responsive and ideal theme for stores with massive inventories. Supply is a Shopify theme designed to make it easy and quick to browse through all categories and also the products your store has to offer.  Its strongest features include

  • Prominent navigation
  • Multiple homepage collections
  • Sidebar filtering
  • Easy integration with the product review app

Having a responsive template or theme is mandatory if a store front is to benefit from sales coming from handheld devices. Online stores simply cannot afford to be on a non-responsive theme in this day and age.